Do you know about BOLT™? / It Is Our eProcurement Solution

Brisk On-Line Tool

Innovation at the core. BOLT™ is truly your "one stop shop" for your product eProcurement. You will enjoy the Ease of Use and competitive pricing.

BOLT™ Features

Product eProcurement / Buy with a PO Number / Buy with a Credit Card / Buy Multiple Items with a Single Part Number / Buyer and Shopper Roles / Customization Options / Live Chat / Request Your Own Sub Store for Standing Purchases / Tried and True BOLT™ Pre-Engineered Systems


Bold and Broad. BOLT™ brings new ideas and new ways of exploring product eProcurement.

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Join the rest and use the PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS online product eProcurement solution BOLT™. The ease of use will put a smile on your face.