In 2014 PROTON360™, known for almost a decade as a local, regional and national Audio and Video (AV) integrator, announced that we have expanded our services. Going forward as PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS, we will now carry the torch of our amazing legacy, success and growth into our future with a new name.

Why did we do that?

Growth! As a highly capable (AV) company we found ourselves providing services that traditional (AV) companies could not like networks, electrical services and creative content. And true to the evolution of this company – we once again are expanding our services.

With a history deep rooted in (AV) and Digital Signage, we are now a nationally recognized design, integration and support company. Because of our customer base expansion and experiences: we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to expand further into a full spectrum communications organization.

PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS believes it’s core is in innovation.

In the same way one might look at Google: Starting out as a “web search engine” company, they are now expanding into many other creative and compelling products and they are leading the world in technology innovations.

We believe this is the new face of business and we are PIONEERING POSSIBLE™.

Is PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS the same people as PROTON360™?

Yep. Same people. Same leaders. Same job ethics. Same awesomeness. 

Why the change?

Well, we think that PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS tells a better story towards the direction we are going in.

We are highly diverse and motivated by technology. We are kinetic, creative, essential, positive and proven. We are PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS.

Can you handle the big jobs?

Our diverse customers can range from higher education to solopreneurs to Fortune 100’s. Either way, you get the same service be it any scale, any scope.

We like that. And so will you.