Audio.  Video.  Audio/Video.  Audio Visual.  A/V.   AV.

No matter how it is asked, represented or portrayed if it entails an audio or video element we can help you with what you need.  PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS is the leader in Pioneering Possible™ and has been providing  rock solid Audio Video systems for years.

Some of our disciplines:

  • System Design
  • System Build
  • System Support
  • Lecture Hall / Auditorium Upgrades
  • Mediated Classrooms
  • Classroom Collaboration Systems
  • AV Control Systems
  • Programming and CAD
  • Digital Signage & Creative Content
  • Audio Equipment
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Equipment
  • Video Teleconferencing
  • DSP Programming
  • Matrix Switching
  • Cameras and Surveillance
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • KVM Systems
  • Media Walls
  • Multimedia Control
  • On-Glass Projection
  • Plasmas & LCDs
  • Projector Screen
  • Projectors
  • Touch Screens