Digital Signage generally means – “A single display or many displays put together to form a video wall”.

We think “Digital Signage” is a term that is typically thrown around too loosely and largely approached incorrectly.

In our experience the “digital sign” or the hardware is the easy part of digital signage.  The content is what Digital Signage really is about.

Why should I care more about the content than the hardware?

Sure, there will be technical details that we will need to be aware of when deploying the hardware portions of the installation ie., sight lines, forming of natural feeling queue lines and color matching all of the displays (even the single flat panels). We will do this and more to make sure that your message is the same and not just reads the same. And because we care, we will have your best interest in mind with that.

But it’s our content that makes the magic happen and what delivers the real message. PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS is the leader in bringing the hardware and creative elements together.

Utilizing our in house design team we can generate compelling media, video and engaging content. From enterprise systems and remote management to customized systems that can easily be modified, we are certain to be a solution for any scale or scope of project. Because we don’t sub contract anything out, we will have your back from hardware to content. Quality control is what we are all about!

And since we provide in house electrical services, we can also take care of the necessary high voltage outlet needs and the network data runs to create the remote content updating and reporting.

Seriously who does all that in house? PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS does. That’s who.