What is AV?

AV is a TV on the wall, a projector in the ceiling, speakers on the wall or ceiling and maybe a control system so everything works easy; right?


AV is:

Installing an under the carpet floor raceway. Cutting the carpet so perfectly that when a customer sees it, they think a professional carpet layer installed it.

It is cutting in the table top cable cubbies perfectly square and in line so all the customers thinks is that an professional finish carpenter installed them.

It is installing the projector power outlet in a location so perfect it is as if a professional electrician completed the work.

It is wiring up an equipment rack that is as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. So the customers thinks that “little elves came in and created it in the middle night”.

It is applying ergonomics to a video wall so end users aren’t going home with sore necks and headaches.

It is working with the IT department and speaking their language to secure and assign static IP addresses.

It’s installing a recessed in-ceiling projection screen and finishing it so it looks like the T-grid/acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) professional installed it.

It is Installing a 20’wide 906lb screen in a ceiling 20’ above the ground and having the customer think that you are a General Contractor.

It is pulling, terminating, commissioning Fiber Optic cable.

It is repairing and painting a “bonus hole” so the customer thinks a professional sheet rocker and painter did it.

PROTON360™ COMMUNICATIONS is more than (AV).

We are licensed high voltage electricians, finish carpenters, carpet layers, sheetrockers, painters, structural installers, acoustical ceiling tile gurus, architects of sorts and network geeks. Everything has a purpose and reason why it’s where it is.

Oh, and we install TVs, projectors, and speakers too.